USS Hornet Museum UH-34D Restoration Progress
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Cleaning for primer

Cleaning for primer





Cabin interior aft

Cabin interior forward


Tail rotor on

Ready for 'Marines'



Removing masking


Basic paint finished

Working on the interior


Almost done with Lucky Red Lion

Turtle back


Left instrument panel

Right instrument panel


Fuel ports

Masking BuNo


Masking 'Marines'

More Masking 


Rt. Side Done

Another View



Just need a Stem


Timmy setting up '63'

Those damn rivots


Looks good from here

Sanding Rotor Blades


Shot of Nose

'Turtle Back' getting Red


Starboard Tail Boom

Final Touch


Not Bad!

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Off loading of USS Hornet

Off loading of USS Hornet

Pictures by Janelle Sahr